No One Cares About Your Stupid SnapChats


So SnapChat is the newest cool app these days, and I’ll admit with a shred of guilt that I was very happy with it for about a week. Then it started sucking. Because just like everything else on this planet, the more people there are that do something, the more it sucks. Because humanity, as a whole, is almost inexplicably retarded.

Here’s how it works. Someone smart thinks of a smart idea and explains it to all his smart friends. They all love it and start using it. Then some other people hear about it, who are not-so-smart, but they still understand the basic idea, and they start using it. Then all the not-so-smart people show it to their not-smart friends, and they don’t really get it, but they use it anyway. Then the not-smart friends show it to all their idiot friends, who just use it because everyone else is using it by now even though they have no idea what it is, and it’s original purpose is so far in the rear-view mirror that the creators are all sitting at the round table drinking vodka from a plastic bottle and playing russian roulette. This rule is universally true with almost everything. Think about anything that used to be cool and now sucks. The blame lies on the shoulders of idiot people who want to be part of the team and the skill/talent/uniqueness/beauty is quickly diluted with stupidity. It starts with MJ and Lebron having a 3-point contest and it ends with Johnny and Jeffy trying to stuff the basketball up each other’s asses.

And there is no current situation that represents this de-evolution more perfectly than SnapChat. It started with two people who are semi attracted to one another getting drunk and sending dick/tit pics to each other, and it ends with your co-worker sending you a picture of her cat taking its pills. No one cares about tiny little snapshots of your life that you think are funny and feel obligated to send to everyone who made the mistake of accepting your snapchat friend request.

our awesome neighbor made us cookies!! : P

bloody mary #2? guilty!

fat french inhale like a #boss

That’s not what the app is for and STOP SENDING THEM TO ME.