McKayla Maroney: who needs gold anyway

As almost everyone has seen by now, McKayla Maroney had all but put that gold medallion around her neck before her final run in the women’s vault final. She was the one. This was her event. The announcers were so sure of themselves. Her first jump went perfectly. Not sure what it was called, but it was crazy and she stomped it. But the final score is a combination of two jumps. It was finally time for her second. If you were listening to the announcers, it almost sounded like a victory lap. She would have to orchestrate a historic meltdown if she were to finish without the top score. And then this happened.

She lands on her heels and falls back onto the mat. Everyone is shocked, the crowd confused. Maroney quickly gets up and does that chest puff-push and everyone cheers. That little move probably feels either really good, or really really shitty. It’s like this requirement that you have to do this weird little move after every exercise, even if you completely choked. It’d be like making Tiger Woods do a massive fist pump after every single putt, be it a 50-foot ace or a 3 foot air-ball. It has to be extremely humiliating.

But it’s okay because she acted like a civilized and mature adult after. She was all smiles and shined with enthusiasm and support for her fellow gymnasts. Not a scowl in sight.

and most of all…World Peace

“Disappointed on how today turned out, but everything happens for a reason!! #noregrets.. Plus, the silver medal is actually pretty sick!!”-@McKaylaMaroney

I think McKayla and I are actually on the same page here. Silver is way sicker than gold. Reasons why McKayla and I say silver is way sicker than gold.

1. Because it is.
2. Because we said so.
3. Because we like it better.
4. Gold sucks.
5. : P

McKayla did her best. She stood on the second-highest podium and held that medal high. Proud to be a medalist. Proud to be an olympian. Proud to be an American.

“Whether it’s life or swimming, always do your best.” – Ryan Lochte